Success Story 2: Best Drill Press Guide

A second success in buying web equities and earning quarterly revenues.


Best Drill Press


While I am still learning about buying equities, I am gaining very valuable experience. One of the challenges I have encountered in studying success is that it does not always convert in action or activity leading to success.

So the group I have joined has actually got me started buying businesses, more precisely web equities.

I am building a portfolio of companies that will contribute income that I need for my family. It has to be income, because net worth cannot buy anything nor pay the bills.

Lets get started; One of the deals we studies is, A company that provides advice on which drill press to buy to anyone which may be in the wood working industry or the wood working hobbyist.

Through out the due diligence process, our business was contributing  the bottom line.

The benefits of working through this joint venture is we are able to leverage the knowledge of negotiating a great price, performing proper due diligence and developing a marketing and sales plan geared toward growth.

So you are wondering how much I invested in  Full disclosure I put in 2500$(US)

I am truly blessed to have made these connections and start me on the path to building a business for my family.

To learn more about working with us on your own project, Fill out the form below(I am a person – There is no re-occurring email list)


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