Case Study Equipment Usage

Large businesses have to be able to account for the usage of equipment in a plant. Well small business also have to consider whether the equipment they currently have is useful or needs to be disposed of.


Large businesses have to be able to account for the usage of equipment in a plant. Well small business also have to consider whether the equipment they currently have is useful or needs to be disposed of.

Think of your situation and how the following case study and the decisions studied in order to put an existing piece of equipment in their current operations, and how they apply to you.

lab equipent

Before you start a business, Read the following passage:

When considering your financial picture at the end of every month, there may be some new things to consider.

Do you go out and build your own business and take 3 years or more risking your financial picture in the process to get some financial freedom.

Do you toil away in your garage and build the next great widget, that is hard to get accepted by the ignoring masses.

Do you continue working because it is the only safe thing you have, although when you breath you cannot seem to fill your lungs with anything satisfying.

Consider acquiring a business with some history, listen in to Ace Chapman

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